WATER and GENDER – International Workshop

From Tuesday 28 January to Friday 31 January 2025 the international workshop entitled “Water & Gender” will be held at the Le Benedettine Congress Centre, Piazza S. Paolo a Ripa D’Arno, 16, Pisa, Italy.

The event is organized by the Department of Earth Sciences and the Comitato Unico di Garanzia of the University of Pisa in collaboration with UNESCO’s World Water Assessment Program – WWAP.
Participation is free.

The event is composed by 5 sessions: 

  1. Gender equal funding 
  2. Policy instruments for inclusion and equality in water  
  3. Women’s leadership, participation and decision-making in water 
  4. Inclusive access, use and management of water 
  5. Gender equality and the data gap  


Despite advances made through international policy agendas in acknowledging the need to progress towards gender equality in water large gender inequalities persist in practice. In many parts of the world, women remain under-represented in terms of participation at all levels, from institutional bodies that manage national or transboundary waters, to water-related institutions such as governmental water agencies and water utilities, as well as from local water management institutions.

In 2021, UNESCO WWAP together with a Multi-stakeholder Coalition launched a global Call for Action to accelerate gender equality in the water domain, set to culminate in 2030 with the completion date of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The Global Multi-stakeholder Coalition consists of -among others- 23 Member States, and more than 160 individual members from over 60 institutions, including international and regional organizations, funding agencies and ODAs, international and local NGOs, private sector, civil society, foundations and academia.

As part of these efforts, UNESCO WWAP and the University of Pisa are organizing this International Workshop on Water and Gender. The event will bring together water and gender scientists, governmental institutions, and practitioners.

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